Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Social media vs. writing and a little insight into the life of a writer

Someone recently sent me an email asking why I didn't blog or tweet a lot while I was writing DECEIT. Well, the truth is, writing is my full time job. It pays my bills and keeps me fed.
When I sit down to write, I write from 10AM until 6PM with breaks to walk the dog and eat lunch. Sometimes I walk around to think and clear my head. Outside of that, I write. To be honest, I find social media a little time consuming and when you're on deadline, submitting your manuscript on time is the most important thing. Like anyone else, I like to meet up with friends and relax on the weekends.
I'm getting better about being on social media, but while I'm working on a book, that's the most pressing activity in my life.
Thanks for writing in!


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