Friday, June 28, 2013

Origin Stories

Every superhero seems to have an origin story. Heck, the world we live in is one gigantic origin story! I can't speak for all writers, but I always try to know what happened in the past before I write a novel.
With THE REVENGE GAME and DECEIT, I had to know what happened before the series started in order to give it a drive and purpose. The worst thing in the world for a reader is reading a book where the author has no idea how it will end. Does the writer need every beat worked out? No. That comes from writing the novel. However, if you know the character's motivation beforehand, I think it gives unspoken clarity to the work.
In THE REVENGE GAME trilogy, I had to know why everything that happened happened in order to know how the trilogy will end. In the next book, all will be revealed. No loose ends. Okay, maybe one loose end, but I promise to wrap it up. The reason why it all happened and what's going on will make sense, so read up and stay tuned in!
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