Friday, July 12, 2013

The final book in THE REVENGE GAME trilogy...

Yesterday, I completed the final outline for the last book in The Revenge Game trilogy. It feels wonderful to complete it and I can't wait to write the final manuscript.
There will be a lot of surprises, a twist (or two!), and the answers to your questions.
That's all I can say for now! I have to finish editing the outline before I submit it.
Stay tuned...


Friday, June 28, 2013

Origin Stories

Every superhero seems to have an origin story. Heck, the world we live in is one gigantic origin story! I can't speak for all writers, but I always try to know what happened in the past before I write a novel.
With THE REVENGE GAME and DECEIT, I had to know what happened before the series started in order to give it a drive and purpose. The worst thing in the world for a reader is reading a book where the author has no idea how it will end. Does the writer need every beat worked out? No. That comes from writing the novel. However, if you know the character's motivation beforehand, I think it gives unspoken clarity to the work.
In THE REVENGE GAME trilogy, I had to know why everything that happened happened in order to know how the trilogy will end. In the next book, all will be revealed. No loose ends. Okay, maybe one loose end, but I promise to wrap it up. The reason why it all happened and what's going on will make sense, so read up and stay tuned in!
If you haven't read the first two books in the trilogy, just click below to get them today!

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Deceit for Kindle


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reviews: To read or not to read?

Ah, it's the eternal question! Should writers, actors, directors, etc. read their reviews, good or bad?
Since I don't have a review for THE REVENGE GAME as of yet, I can't use my personal experience. However, I do know that if you read your reviews, you have to read all of your reviews. The good comes with the bad. If you cherry pick the best reviews, you're being disingenuous to the process.
Oprah once said that she doesn't read reviews; neither does Steven Spielberg. There may be good information one could use to strength their work in a review, but should they worry about something they've already written and released into the world? Remember how upset Carrie was on SEX AND THE CITY when The New York Times didn't give her a good review?
Remember, some people just like to write bad reviews to drive down your Amazon rating. Others love everything (we know those people..)! So, proceed with caution.
Will I read my first review?
Well, you'll have to see!

Happy reading!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Print editions of THE REVENGE GAME and DECEIT

The Nassau Street Group and I have been talking about print editions of THE REVENGE GAME trilogy. It was always intended to be an e-book series, but it's a little different from other young adult books on the market.
What do you guys think?
We're still talking, so when something's decided, I'll let you know!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Author page on

If you have time, check out the page of my publisher, The Nassau Street Group, Ltd. It's a well designed, well run site. Check it out!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Writing Tip #4: Supporting characters

I love supporting characters. In a series like THE REVENGE GAME, it's very easy for the lead characters (Wes, Brandon, Corey, and Greg) to become mired in a lot of drama, which is great! However, I think every book needs a fleet of supporting characters who can add levity to the situation and lighten the tone from time to time.
When I first wrote, THE REVENGE GAME, Madeline, Kirby, Mo, Jack, and Holly were people who came about and were there to be there. I knew Madeline lived across the street from Corey, but then I wrote her first "scene". Wow! I fell in love with her snooty attitude. She reminds me of Nellie Oleson! Madeline wasn't in my initial outlines for THE REVENGE GAME, but she was so much fun to write, I couldn't not include her in DECEIT as well.
Mo Gross came about when I wrote the first story bible for the trilogy. I wanted Brandon to be the baby of a large family and Mo was the eldest child. Well, there was nothing remarkable about Mo until I started writing THE REVENGE GAME. As I started exploring the characters' families, I picked Mo, made him an irresistible jock jerk, and quickly paired him with another character (if you've read THE REVENGE GAME, you know who!). It all made so much sense, but I didn't plan it. Having a slew of supporting characters to draw on allows you space to expand the world of the novel.
With Jack Webber, he was only supposed to appear in the graduation scene. He's Wes's old friend, but they drifted apart during high school. Jack was the "opposite" of Brandon, Corey, and Wes, but he came from the same world. When I paired Jack with another supporting character, it made sense. We see a lot more of Jack in DECEIT, but that's all I can say...for now...
Even though supporting characters may not be in your initial outline or pitch, they can add a dimension of reality to your world. It's a good thing!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Writing Tip #3: Edit while you write?

A few months ago, I wrote on Twitter that I never edit a manuscript while I'm writing it. I get everything out and then when I'm finished, I edit it to death. Why?
Well, I find editing while you're writing to be very distracting. If you keep changing something in Chapter 1, how long will it take you to get to Chapter 3? I like to write three to four chapters a day, so editing while I write isn't good for me. One thing I do recommend is keeping a list of things you may want to change later, but only add the changes when you're finished. It'll give you a chance to look at the work as a whole, not disparate parts.
What works for you?