Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reviews: To read or not to read?

Ah, it's the eternal question! Should writers, actors, directors, etc. read their reviews, good or bad?
Since I don't have a review for THE REVENGE GAME as of yet, I can't use my personal experience. However, I do know that if you read your reviews, you have to read all of your reviews. The good comes with the bad. If you cherry pick the best reviews, you're being disingenuous to the process.
Oprah once said that she doesn't read reviews; neither does Steven Spielberg. There may be good information one could use to strength their work in a review, but should they worry about something they've already written and released into the world? Remember how upset Carrie was on SEX AND THE CITY when The New York Times didn't give her a good review?
Remember, some people just like to write bad reviews to drive down your Amazon rating. Others love everything (we know those people..)! So, proceed with caution.
Will I read my first review?
Well, you'll have to see!

Happy reading!


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