Saturday, April 20, 2013

Writing tip #1

I received an e-mail asking how I came up with the idea for The Revenge Game. In truth, I used a bit of my high school life as fodder, added a bit of intrigue, stirred it, and wrote it down.
Yes, it was a little more complex than that, but the basis for any story (I think) is to write what drives you crazy. Obsessed with dragons and the Middle Ages? Well, you'll probably have a lot more fun writing that book instead of one about a tortured heroine in 19th century England. I've always adored young adult fiction, which is why I merged my fondness for strong young gay characters, intrigue, and YA fiction into one perfect storm.
The best thing any aspiring writer can do is write once a day. Even if you jot down a bunch of ideas in your notebook for twenty minutes or create characters, it'll pay-off in the end. By building a strong writing ethic, you'll be well ahead of the game when you start your first novel.
Try it!


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