Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meet the boys

Wes, Brandon, Corey, and Greg are the best friends at the center of THE REVENGE GAME. Even though they're besties, they have secrets from each other and the world...

Wes Hampton is the only child of Dr. Harold Hampton (a brain surgeon) and Karen Hampton (the CEO of a cable company). He's eighteen, drives a BMW, loves to shop, and is super close to Corey and Brandon.

Brandon Gross is the youngest child of Michael Gross (a banking heir) and Emily Gross (a genealogist). He's an eighteen -year-old Jewish prince who drives a Porsche, is a swimming star, and has a secret crush on Wes.

Corey Lee is the youngest child and only boy of Daniel & Elaine Lee (entrepreneurs). He's eighteen, but he's always been attracted to the wrong guys. Who? Wouldn't you like to know...

Greg Jones is the newcomer to this tight group of friends. He's the only child of Lil & Roger Jones, who are currently travelling the world. Greg is eighteen, drives a restored Mercedes-Benz, and has a huge secret.

Learn their secrets and more in THE REVENGE GAME.


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